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Baked brie with pineapple habanero jam
Eggs, ham, hashbrowns, and toast with blackberry blueberry jam

Local Pickles, Jam, & Jelly

Handmade in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Third Generation Preserves

If you are looking for some of the best handmade pickles, jam, and jelly then you have come to the right place!

Local made in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. These preserves will remind you of the flavours of home with new and exciting twists. Sweet to Spicy, we've got you covered.

Third Generation Preserves has you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Use our delicious preserves on special occasions or just snack on them during your break on a busy day.

Fire Roasted Red Pepper Jelly

This is no average red pepper jelly.

This jelly has the perfect jalapeño heat to please all taste buds. The garlic adds an extra bite and gives it a great savory flavour. In the deep red colour you can find the black flakes from the fire roasted peppers that bring this red pepper jelly to the next level.

Don't miss out on this must have jelly for your next charcuterie night!

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Sweet Turmeric Cabbage Pickle

Get out of the way mustard pickle.

The Sweet Turmeric Cabbage is the new kid on the block. Enjoy the blend of traditional tastes like mustard pickle and bread and butter but with an added crunch you won't find from those classics.

This pickle is our most versatile product we offer. Try it on fish cakes in the morning, on your ham sandwich for lunch, on your burgers or sausages for dinner!

Not a sweet fan? No problem, our Spicy Turmeric Cabbage has the same amazing taste with an extra spicy kick.

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